A portion of the proceeds generated from the Fashion Tour will be donated to help Ukraine and its people.

You Are Invited!

Come join us and be a part of a music video and feature film about Fashion.

You are invited to become a part of the Bridal Fashion themed Fashion Fashion Fashion World Tour 2022. The Tour will give you the opportunity to shine, to follow your dream, and to exert your unique style!

Make your mark as a Model in any one of the Tour’s 41 cities across America beginning in May.  As a participant, you will appear in a bridal themed Music Video created by Lance Romance and answer a casting call for a professionally produced feature film about the Fashion Tour itself which will be submitted to Amazon Prime for selection and publication. Each city episode will feature new faces, images, and designs in creative ways.  The Tour will be held at Marriott Hotel locations in each of the Tour cities listed below. And to complete the experience, you will enjoy an after-party to wrap-up to the evening with like-minded people.

How You Can Join the Tour!

To participate, you need only purchase a $200 ticket. The first 50 participants in each city will appear in the music video produced in each city. In addition, a $50 ticket will provide access for each family member and/or friend who wishes to attend and support you. 

The Tour will be communicating with all participants and guests regarding Covid related protocols stipulated by local authorities and entertainment industry organizations such as “Return to Work Agreement” set forth by the Screen Actors Guild

Tour Location and Dates


SANTA CLARA, CA – May 13th

PASADENA, CA – May 20th

SEATTLE, WA – May 24th

DENVER, CO – May 27th

CHICAGO, IL – June 3rd



KANSAS CITY, MO – June 18th


NEW ORLEANS, LA – July 1st

COLUMBUS, GA – July 5th


NASHVILLE, TN – July 9th

ATLANTA, GA –  July 12th


NORFOLK, VA – July 16th

BALTIMORE, MD – July 19th

BOSTON, MA – July 21st

CLEVELAND, OH – July 23rd

CHICAGO, IL – July 26th

DETROIT, MI – July 28th

ST.LOUIS, MO – July 30th

CINCINNATI, OH – August 2nd

MEMPHIS, TN – August 4th

OAKLAND, CA – August 6th

LAS VEGAS, NV – August 9th

HOUSTON, TX – August 11th

DALLAS, TX – August 12th

AUSTIN, TX – August 13th

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – August 18th

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 20th

WASHINGTON, DC – August 23rd

NEWARK, NJ – August 25th

GREENSBORO, NC – August 27th

CHARLOTTE, NC – August 30th

JACKSONVILLE, FL – September 1st

TAMPA, FL – Sept. 3rd

SAVANAH, GA – Sept. 6th

MIAMI, FL – Sept. 8th

NEW YORK, NY – September 10th

Lance Romance

About Lance

Welcome to the Lance Romance Fashion Fashion Fashion World Tour USA 2022!

As a writer, producer, and artist, let me share more about myself. I’ve been into fashion since I was a kid. Born in South Bronx, I spent my teen years in Texas, returning to NYC, where I was active in dance, fashion, and music creating 35 albums signed with Sony ATV Music Publishing for 23 years. — All are my passions! My brief history includes:

  • Ford Modeling Agency signed in the early 80’s
  • I was inspired by Roy Halston in the early 1980s when I learned about women’s fashion
  • In 2010 I created a 24/7 fashion channel (FNN) with Time Warner Cable NYC
  • Produced multiple Fashion Week Shows, which serve as the blueprint for our Tour.
  • A catalyst for Victoria Secret’s runway show at Viacom
  • Singer/Songwriter/Producer of his new album “Love for Ukraine”.

My team and I bring an entirely new and unique focus on Bridal Fashions to be produced in over three dozen cities across America beginning in May and Internationally at a date to be determined.


Tour Merchandise

FASHION TOUR merchandise is available for purchase. The photo to the right illustrates one of the items. Clicking on the button will showcase all available items.




Here is the song ”Dancing” from the long-form music video from Lance’s 36th studio album ”Love 4 Ukraine”. This 13-song album will provide the 70’s disco musical sound for the Bridal Content & Music Video episodes during the 41-city Tour. In addition, the ”Love 4 Ukraine” Album will provide the Disco vibes for the Tour’s Flipper’s style roller skating after-parties.

Our Beautiful Ukrainian Models

We support our beautiful Ukrainian models and Ukraine because:

  It’s the right thing to do

  Our heart goes out to the yellow & blue

  Our love for Ukraine is true

  We stand with Ukraine and we stand with you

– Lance Romance

   Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I take part in the fashion tour?

You can purchase a Tour ticket for each city in which city you choose participate. However, please note each city venue is limited to just fifty people.

Can we take photos and videos of each show?

Yes, but you can’t release any content for the rebroadcast of our fashion show without our consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

Can I be part of the Fashion Tour if I don't wear bridal fashion?

Only the first 50 people from each city that purchase a ticket must wear bridal fashion.

Can I help with setup and production of the Tour in my city?

YES, depending on what you would like to contribute to the episode or show in your city.  Please email to Lance in advance of the show to see how you can contribute.

When will we be able to see ourselves in the content created in our city?


The content created in each city will be distributed on Amazon Prime within 90 days to allow for editing and post-production.


Will there be group ticket discount packages for the Fashion Tour in our city?

The TOUR is not selling discount tickets; there are only two ticket price options. $200 to participate in content creation and $50 to attend in support of your participating family and friends during the content creation event.

What do we get in the tour gift bags in addition to our $200 dollar and $50 ticket?

Each participant and their supporting guests will receive surprise gifts related to the Tour, Fashion, and Lance Romance-related music and video content.

What time is each show for the tour?

Unless you are otherwise notified in advance, the shooting schedule will be from 7 pm to 9 pm for all cities.

Where are most of the shooting locations for the Tour fashion content creation shows or episodes?

Most Tour shooting locations for the fashion episodes and shows will occur at Marriott Hotels.

Will there be food & drinks at the fashion tour shooting venues?

There will be bar service available for the purchase of water, beer wine, and snacks at each Tour location.

Tell Us About Your Style


The Fashion Fashion Fashion World Tour 2022 supports Ukraine and men and women aspiring to participate in the global fashion industry. The 2022 Tour will feature Bridal Fashions and launch in 41 cities beginning in May 2022 across the USA and later Internationally.



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